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Glorifying Anagha Dattatreya

In the ancient days, devoted worshippers took to 'manasika puja' (mental worship) of Sri Datta on an everyday basis. This 'ŚrīGuru Dattatreya Anaga Upasana' is irrespective of day or timing.

However, with the passage of eras, the original 'Pooja vidhi' (protocol for worship) has been watered down and the more grosser form of worship has been spread widely.

In reality, it ought to be an everyday schedule in the life of a yogi or a seeker.

The ancient method has been simplified and presented here, to enable devotees to take on to the 'mental worship' and thus raise their own energies and be able to connect with and receive the blessings of Anagha Datta.

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