Saṅkalpaṁ ~ a Sanskrit term for a 'definitive intention or will of a noble nature for a selfless cause'. It is Dattatreya's 'Saṅkalpa' that this guild is to be formed.

Our life is the result of karma, our actions hold the key to liberation. The idea is to spiritualize our life by selfless acts and walk the way, to a new dawn.

Nishkām-akarma: Meaning - Selflessness and non-doership in action.

The Need: Quoting from charithamrth:

"Vishnu Datta and His wife of this Datta Puraana are selfless and pure souls who do not know what selfishness is. I instructed the Deities of Time to make them My parents."

Dattatreya manifested 'through' Anasuya. His manifestation was for the world. But He chose to manifest through her. Because, She was selfless, highly virtuous and pure hearted. It is a sign of being in perfect alignment with the Inner Self. In the intensity of this perfect alignment, the Divine Energy manifests itself.

Mother Anasuya was the epitome of that Infinite Light which intrinsically is of the nature of benevolence and selflessness.

Understanding 'akarma':
Nishkām-akarma means to operate from one's Higher Self. To do an action in kindness, with the only intention of offering good to others, without any expectations. Here, the doership is negated. This is 'akarma'. Where there is 'akarma' Dattatreya manifests HIMSELF!

By understanding the broader sense of the aforementioned truth, it is understood as to why Sripada Vallabha quotes - "My manifestation continues to happen in the higher realms."

It is not in some time that HE incarnated. His presence is eternal. We can receive His love and grace, even today.

As a small token of love, we try to incorporate His teaching(s), remembering words from the Charithra, in our everyday lives.

We try to share HIS gift of Love in ways and means we can. If there's an ancient Temple which requires care and if Swami directs us to it, we do our bit in HIS Name, and the portrait of ŚrīPāda Vallabha gets installed there, further sanctifying the place and stirring in the waves of faith, love and gratitude in the hearts of those destined for it.

"Those who care for cows are indeed dear to Me" -ŚrīPada in Chap 18, as stated in Charithamrth. Caring for cows is our first step on the road to Kindness. Ofcourse, to every other Creature, we try to pay back in kindness to Nature and Humanity in ways and means we can.

No better cure in healing the region of ether, outside & within, as devotees unite to chant the Name of the Guru. As suggested by ŚrīPāda Vallabha Himself & recorded in Chap 50.
ŚrīPāda Vallabha Bhaktha Samaj, with Guru's grace has chanted more than 100 times ( with a minmum of 11 hours in each at a stretch ), Namajapa.

Vedic recitals are a regular feature; Vedic Samhitha Homa, for 9 days at a stretch, are also being arranged at regular intervals. ŚrīPāda is indeed pleased with the resounding of Vedic chants.

Satsangatve nissangatvam Nissangatve nirmohatvam Nirmohatve nischalatattvam Nischalatattve jeevanmuktih!

If solitude is sweet, sweeter it is to glorify the Divine in the company of pure souls. For, that leads to contemplation, which leads to Truth and thereby liberation and bliss!

Building a community of love and faith, as we navigate through the currents of life.