The walk unto Truth most often seems isolating...

This platform shall unite seekers beyond any difference, allowing candid discussions of experiences, or any other, free from judgement or fear. Let the journey ahead be made easier, more accessible...

Let's build a community of love, where seekers can progress together and talk from the heart...

This zone is for seekers who wish to express themselves as seekers of the Guru first, and with their social identities/ familial responsibilities next, without guilt.

The walk to Truth - is a personal journey, profound and insightful. Let's make the walk more pleasant.. Let's share some love..

We are here to rejoice - Not judge.
We are here to share - not stock.
Humility is indeed beautiful!
Love is the mission!!


Most of the events like 'nam jap' or sath-sangh, have been happening in a Sporadic and low-key manner. Those interested to particpate can please send an email... Very shortly an organised chart of sessions - in-person and virtual, will be presented.