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Swarna loka Yatrā

A Golden Pithikapuram attached to the earth with different measurements exists in an invisible state. For ordinary people only the ordinary Pithikapuram on the earth will be visible. Golden Pithikapuram can be seen only by people with yogic insight. Just because one is a resident of Pithikapuram in the physical world, one cannot come to My Samsthan and have darshan. My will is efficacious.

When the matter related to consciousness is developed in the seeker, he becomes a resident of Golden Pithikapuram, which is purely constructed with consciousness. Those devotees who constantly remember Me can know about it from experience. Irrespective of the great distances they reside, they become residents of Golden Pithikapuram. I am always easily accessible to them. - ŚrīPāda ŚrīVallabha

It is clear, that only with the means of our own 'consciousness' will we be able to reach the abode of ŚrīGuru.

Our Guru is reaching out to each of His devoted believer. Most often, it is our own blockages that obstructs the passage, preventing us to hear from 'Him'. It's His immense compassion that He offers unto us what is required for us on the path.

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Tad Bhāvaṁ Yad Bhavathe. As is your feeling, so is the result! - ŚrīPāda ŚrīVallabha.