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Let's be grateful

True knowledge of the Atman is to be desired the most and 'Dhyana' is essential for this. During Dhyana one merges with the Atman which leads to quietening of desire. Detach your mind from the object of the senses and shift your focus inwards. Meditate always. Meditate on My formless nature which is Sat-Chit-Ananda (True Wisdom, Consciousness and Bliss infinite). If you cannot visualize that, then follow the physical image of Mine. Bring My image from head to foot, in front of your mind's eye, day and night. When you thus shift your focus, the functions of your mind will unite and the distinction between the 'one who meditates', the 'act of meditation' and the 'object meditated upon' will vanish. Sitting in this sacred Masjid, I never utter an untruth. - as stated by Sainath Maharaj and recorded in the Sat Charitha.

Meditation helps one be free from the effects of external events; deeply established in one's own inner-calm.

Meditation is being one self - abiding in the Self; in silence. Free from the chaos of the world. Only His grace can lead us through. Learning to be grateful makes the sail a lot easier. With overwhelming gratitude, let's activate our higher selves. This is also a means, as we take baby steps on this long road to Oneness.

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