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Guru Tatwaṁ

Do you believe in Love, Goodness and Joy? Do you believe in Truth, Justice and Wisdom? If so, then you believe in the Guru. For a real Guru is all this put together. Yes - Guru is an amalgamation of Sat, Chit, Ananda (Truth, Wisdom and Infinite Bliss).

He is a True Guru Who brings the vision of the formless to the vision of these eyes. So said Kabir. In fact, a Guru is One Who brings the formless to the vision of the soul. And there, the soul realizes that the form of the Formless, that Divine Being to be the form of his own Guru.

A Guru need not be with a physical or worldly body for the skinny eyes to see. In reality, the Guru is to be perceived or heard and communicated with, in the inner eye of the heart.

A brief session on realizing the significance of 'surrender' to a Guru and meditating on the Guru.

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Tad Bhāvaṁ Yad Bhavathe. As is your feeling, so is the result! - ŚrīPāda ŚrīVallabha.