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Atri-Anasuya Tatwaṁ

If the highest embodiment of compassion, kindness, love should find an expression, then HE is the One, The Primordial Master, also an amalgamation of Sat, Chit, Ananda (Truth, Wisdom and Infinite Bliss).

The Primordial Master graced the earth when Creation was at its nascent stages. He continues to live on, His being the Adi Guru Avatar.

For every devotee, it is foremost to understand the significance of the Name Datta-Athreya.

Only, when one understands 'Athreya' can one comprehend Dattatreya.

At the same time, without the 'Anasuya Tatwam' it is impossible to reach Athreya.

'Athreya' means 'the son of Atri' or the 'power of Atri'; while Atri denotes the higher state of a 'sadhaka' or aspirant - the one who has gone beyond the 'three' or not affected by the 'three'. Is Athreya on the outside or inside you?

The same Truth is present in several ancient texts. Extracting the ancient wisdom, this session will be presented in terms required for 'dhyana' on Athri, Anasuya and Dattatreya.

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Tad Bhāvaṁ Yad Bhavathe. As is your feeling, so is the result! - ŚrīPāda ŚrīVallabha.