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Kindling the Inner Yāgna

Let us make it a point to offer our best to the Guru. HE is pleased with simple, true and loving devotion.

Atleast one day in a month (Chitha Nakshathra), let us begin our day before sunrise. That golden hour, when ŚrīPāda walks to the River Krishna, on the shores of Kuruvapur. Let us greet Him with love.

Commence the yagna. Mentally, prostrate to SriGuru and in the sacred fire that is kindled, offer enemity, hatred, jealousy, anger, envy and every evil attitude, to be burnt in the Fire of yoga. This is exactly what our Sainath does for the sake of us, eternally in His ever-lit Dhuni. The Dhuni being lit eternally is merely a gross symbol, of the eternal yagna which our Lord does forever, for His devotees and believers.

As we intend to burn our vices in the fire of yagna, the Guru is pleased. Recall HIS statement from Charitrāṁruthaṁ - "Do not hate anybody in this Creation. All that hatred also reaches Me only. If I am pleased, I will not see merits, but you should have the 'satvic' ideas to earn My grace."

Let us do our part in cleansing our energy fields by chanting His most sacred Name. After which, we shall offer Him our love in the form of 'mental worship' or maanasika-puja.

Believe. HE is sure to be present and receive every bit of your worship.

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Tad Bhāvaṁ Yad Bhavathe. As is your feeling, so is the result! - ŚrīPāda ŚrīVallabha.